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Intercepted in the year 2001, we Star Enterprises, are engaged in manufacturing a wide range of genuine spares which is widely used for Induction furnaces. Also, we are catering to the services demands of Repairing of Water Cooled Cable, extensive repairs of Induction Coils, Electronic panel cards/ Modules. Under the able guidance of our mentor, Mr. Ashish Shah & Mr. Ninad Bapat we have been able to carve a niche in the marketplace. With his rich experience, we have successfully attained a remarkable position in the market. Based at Mumbai, our head office is situated at a centralized location. We are engaged in offering Water System Spares, Carbon Free Hoses & Hose Clamps, Gauges, Flow Switch, Water Cooled Cable, Pumps & Valves, Heat Exchanger, Resistors, Capacitors, Switch Gears, Panel Meters & Pressure Switches, Overhead Crane Spares, Lancing Pipe, Calorized Pipes, Induction Furnaces Spares, Semiconductor Spares, Hydraulic System Spares, Hydraulic Valves, Seal Kits, Pump, Pipes & Pipe Fittings, Hydraulic Flexible Hose, Mica Products, Coil Support, Asbestos Products, Fiber Glass, Insulation Material, Furnace Crucible Spares & Hardware Items. Our Warehouse and Workshop unit that is located at Dombivli near Thane. At Raipur (C.G.), we have Sales Depot cum Office, where we store all our spares in bulk amount. Empowered by top-of-the-line infrastructure facilities and a team of experts, we are catering to the needs of clients based all across the globe within the stipulated time frame. In addition, we also possess trained and experienced team as well as well established branch offices across India. In addition, we are planning to establish ourselves as an eminent manufacturers and service providers in our industry domain. Our motto is to provide complete range of quality spares at very reasonable price under one roof. This move has been widely appreciated by our customers as it cuts down cost of purchase procedures as well as time required for follow ups from different suppliers. We are the prominent manufacturer of a diverse range of genuine spares, furnace coil insulation items, semiconductors items, electrical items, hardware items, furnace coil insulation items, semiconductors items, electrical items and hardware items which are widely used for Induction Furnaces and Induction Heaters. Also, we are catering our services in the field of Repairing of Water Cooled Cables, Cards, Furnaces and Measuring Instruments. The services catered by us are highly efficient and effective and offer total customer satisfaction to our clients. The comprehensive range is best suitable for any Induction furnaces and Induction heating equipment. The broad spectrum of Furnace coil insulation items comprises of Coil paint, Fiber glass, Mica, Syndanio, Asbestos and Coil support catering to the requirements of the clients. The gamut of Water system spares/water cooled cable, include Hoses & hose clamps, Gauges, Flow switch, Water Cooled cable, Pumps & valves, Heat Exchanger and Cooling Tower are high in demand amongst our clients based globally. Under the category name of Hydraulic spares, we are providing Pump, Valves, Fittings, Seal kits and Hoses, with customized solutions as per the specific requirements of the clients. Also, we are catering Hardware items/crucible spares, of different kinds such as; Fasteners, Selector switch, Solders, Copper /brass/aluminum and WCL spares, with durability and quality and gaining total customer satisfaction. The wide assortment of Electrical items comprises of Resistors, Capacitors and Switch gears are repetitively demanded by various industrial units for different purposes. The Repairing & maintenance, Switches & switches & meters, Hardware items/crucible spares such as; tie rods are as per the specifications of the clients. Lastly, under the category of Overhead crane, we are offering Crane items & other items, to our clients at optimum cost along with customization provision. Induction Furnace Spares, Furnace Coil Insulation Items, Coil Epoxy Paint, Fiber Glass, Mica, Syndanio, Teflon, Silicon Rubber, Asbestos, Coil Support, Frp, Bakelite, Electronic Items, Thyristors, Thyristor Modules, Diodes, Rectifier Bridge, Semiconductor Fuse, Water System Spares For Induction Furnace, Carbon Free Hose, Black Steam Hoses, Hose Clamp, Gauge, Resin Water Cooled Cable, Pump, Valve, Heat Exchanger, Gasket, Plates, Hydraulic Spares For Induction Furnace, Gear Pump, Pressure Relief Valve, Dc Valves, Seal Kits, Hydraulic Flex Hose, Hydraulic Fittings, Hydraulic Seamless Pipe, Hardware Items For Induction Furnace, End Connections Of Water Cooled Cable, Brass Fastener, S.s. Fastener, Selector Switch, Copper Tube, S.s Tube, Brazing Rods, Brass Tube, Wcl Spares, S.s, Aluminium Sheet, Copper Busbar, Copper Wire Ropes, Crucible Spares For Induction Furnace, S.s Tie Rods, Aluminium Side Plates, Refractory Top, Refractory Bottom, Frp Covers, Electrical Items For Induction Furnace, Resistor, Capacitor, Switch Gear, Teflon Wire, Cables, Fuse, Insulator, Switches, Meters For Induction Furnace, Panel Meters, Temperature Sensor, Temperature Switch, Pressure Switch, Flow Switch, Furnace Spares, Hot Chalk, Aluminium Fan Blades, S.s. Antenna Wire, Overhead Cranes Spares, Master Controller, Resistant Box, Break Thruster, Break Drum, Furnace Parts, Induction Furnace Parts And Industrial Furnace Parts, Industrial Furnace, Induction Furnace, Insulation Material, Furnace, Furnace Spare Parts, Heat Treating Furnace, Heat Treatment Furnaces, Melting Furnace, Non Ferrous Melting Furnace And Metal Melting Furnace, Electrical Oil Pressure Gauges, Oil Pressure Gauges, Dial Gauge, Diameter Gauge, Digital Pressure Gauge, Plug Gauges, Precision Gauge, Pressure Gauge, Ring Gauge, Thickness Gauge, Aquolac Two Pack Epoxy Paint, Coal Tar Epoxy Paint, Self-priming Epoxy Paint, Epoxy Finishing Paint, Epoxy Floor Coating Paints, Industrial Epoxy Black Paint, Top Hat Thyristors, Discrete Thyristors, Sibar Thyristors, Power Thyristors, Gto Thyristors, Scrs Thyristors, Thyristors Scr, Plate Heat Exchanger, Aircraft Heat Exchanger, Industrial Heat Exchanger, Scraper Type Heat Exchanger, Tube Heat Exchanger, Finned Tube Heat Exchanger, Phase Change Heat Exchanger, Spiral Heat Exchanger, Corrugated Heat Exchanger, S.s. Heat Exchanger, Converter Thyristors, Rectifier Bridge Semiconductor Fuse, Water System Spares, SS Fastener, SS Tube, SS Sheet, SS Tie Rods, CT & PT, Induction Furnace Switches, Miscellaneous Furnace Spares, SS Antenna Wire.
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